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Chilly Pulverizers
Chilly Pulverizers

The Spices Pulverizer Machinery / Chilly Pulverizers /Spices Machinery is also known as Masala Chili Pulverizers , Mini Masala-chilly pulverizer is a very simple type of pulverizer. The grinding chamber consists of a serrated ratchet liner on top, and screen at the bottom for classification. Feed material is goes through grinding chamber by manual hopper. Spice Pulverizer Machinery is manufactured using premium quality materials that ensure high durability, tensile strength and resistivity to adverse condition.

During the grinding process, a small quantity of air is generated, to remove this air a Polyester dust bag is attached below the through and the other end of the bag is hung at top, also acting like a dust collector.

Mini Pulverizers are used for the grinding of small quantity of spices, especially for high value condiments like, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, pulses, sugar with a capacity from 5 Kgs. To 60 Kgs. Per hour, in addition this machines are highly capable of grinding wet and pulpy material, like green/red chilly sauce, fresh ginger garlic paste, and other wet food products.

Production 3000kg  in 8s Hours. Size 60 HP  Bottom blower with cyclone and and six cotton  bag and installation at your site Manufacture in  19 MM Prime Mild steel Material and shafting EN –9 and bitter EN-8 Material , with base frame and 8 vibrating pad & Both pulley ( Motor Pulley and Machine pulley  ) With out Electric Motor [ Motor required 60 HP 1440 RPM]

We Also Mfg Cold Processes- Grindery Semi / Auto Machine

Fitness Capacity Kg /Hours
Products ( Mesh BSS) LMM-1 LMM-2 LMM-2 LMM-3 LMM-4
Red Chilies 85-90 % Passing  30 # 70-90 140-160 180-190 220-240 340-400
Turmeric 90-95 % Passing  52 # 80-100 160-180 200-220 240-260 400-430
Commander 85-90 % Passing  22 # 60-80 120-140 160-180 180-200 240-260
Mixed Masala 85-90 % Passing  22 # 60-80 120-140 160-180 180-200 240-260
Ayurvedic Items 85-90 % Passing  30 # 50-70 100-120 140-160 140-160 200-240
Electric Motor Price   5 HP 10 HP 15 HP 20 HP/- 40 HP


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