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Sigma Blender

Sigma Blender :

Sigma Blendedrs is perfect and excellent for kneading and mixing of highly viscous materials like dough, putty, rubber solutions, adhesives, polymers etc. The mixing process is bundle of various actions like smearing, stretching, folding, dividing and recombining , so the material is processed between the sigma blades and the container walls. Sigma

Blenders provided with Jacket arrangement for heating or cooling application. For bulk mixing sigma blender is tilted by a hydraulic cylinder to ensure complete discharge of mass mixture.

Model Availbale in Sigma Blender :

0.5 HP 100 HP  up to  6,000 Litter Capacity
Direct Gear Drive , Counter Gear for load reduction
Working : Cutting ## Grinding ## Maxing ## Reaction ## Vacuum ## Recover  Systems 

Constraction :

In  MS ## SS 304-316 ## MS-SS Gladded  ## Jacketed
##  cooling and heating  systems ##  Extra Arm Cooling Systems  ##  Till- Till Type  ## Double Rotor Blanding systems #

Ideal For :
Sigma Blender is Ideal for
## Bottom Gate Valve Systems ## Direct Convening systems  
Screw  ##  Auto Bag Feeding systems ## Material spay


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